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In its darkest status, the view towards outside is retained. Looking inside though is virtually impossible.

We can provide you with a technology which allows you to control the amount of ambient light entering the building. Set the light transmission value to any value which is convenient for you, without losing touch to the outside world.


Our smart glass solution is a switchable, dynamic glazing which is controllable by the end-user or can be controlled by the building operating system, transforming the building into a smart building where our system is integrated with the systems for cooling & heating to get the most out of our products.


Car interiors are notorious for getting hot in full sun light. The interior absorbs the light and as the car is a secluded space, heating up goes almost unlimited. Tinted glass provides a solution for heated seats and surfaces.

Glare and heat control create continuous challenging conditions for the transport industry, whether it be in airplanes, trains, buses or cars. Our switchable glass technology controls the glare and heat which users feel, without jeopardizing the view to the open air outside.

“We are here to change the view on the world as you know it – glass is not just glass.”

“We are here to change the view on the world as you know it – glass is not just glass.”

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eLstar Dynamics signs Term Sheet with Clearvue PV

Following our earlier Collaboration Agreement with ClearVue Technologies (CPV) in Perth, Australia, eLstar Dynamics has signed a Terms Sheet to further intensify the development of an autonomous switchable glass system that is capable of energy production and lighting control. The earlier trial as a result of the Collaboration Agreement has proven that the both systems are compatible with each other. The Terms Sheet laid out the terms for [...]

Public Launch Events: rescheduled to December

Last night, the Dutch government announced increased restrictions with regards to the Covid-situation. Although these restrictions do not immediately impact eLstar’s business or development, these restrictions do limit our ability to be together as a team. They also limit the possibilities for the production of live events. These are restrictions that not only effect eLstar, but the support organisations required to stage these events. eLs [...]

Public Launch Event is moving online, multiple timezones

Originally, we at eLstar decided to host the events online on the 20th of October. However, as a result of the COVID-travel restrictions, it will be held on December 16 and 17th in online sessions, which last about 15-20 minutes a piece. This event will be split in 3 sessions to accommodate for different time zones: December 16 at 13:00 Central European Time December 17, 13:00 Shanghai/Beijing Time December 17, 13:00 Eastern Time (USA) Mor [...]