It is July 15, 2019 and relatively early in the morning (7am at the time of writing). Usually in our office, the sun is shining and the sun blinds come down. Automatically and beyond our control. They are noisy when they come down, they make funny sounds in the wind and they always obstruct our view.

It is in these instances that I am especially happy to work in a team of brilliant people. Brilliant people who made it their mission to change the world as we know it. We develop smart glass. Call it switchable glass if you like, or dynamic glass if this suits your vocabulary better. We develop glass that directly influences the glare on your desk and the direct heat exposure experienced. At eLstar, we strive to make this available and affordable in your offices, shopping malls, terminals, hospitals, schools, houses, cars, trains, buses and airplanes.

We work with a relatively small team in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, to develop the core technology of our products: electrophoreses. Our team has a combined experience of over 75 years in the display industry and an abundance of experience in chemistry, electric driving and obviously electrophoreses. But…

At eLstar, we realize we can’t do everything ourselves. Actively working together with the global supply chain is in the heart of our business: to define material streams, production locations. And most importantly: the translation from our technology to your applications. We actively encourage you and invite you to connect with us through our social media channels and via email to exchange ideas or request demonstrations and presentations.

We bring you the most versatile smart glass technology. We are here to change your view on the world as you know it.

We are eLstar Dynamics.

Switching the glass to its darkest level, the interior gains less heat. The view is still preserved: you can look outside without noticeable haze.Strong solar radiation can increase temperature to above comfortable levels. Our switchable glass helps control glare and heat.