Last night, the Dutch government announced increased restrictions with regards to the Covid-situation. Although these restrictions do not immediately impact eLstar’s business or development, these restrictions do limit our ability to be together as a team. They also limit the possibilities for the production of live events.

These are restrictions that not only effect eLstar, but the support organisations required to stage these events. eLstar Dynamics is a “Born Global” company, with a diverse team in multiple locations. The practical impossibility to be united would have an impact on our ability to provide the best Launch-presentation which was scheduled for October 20 (Europe) and October 29 (Asia & America).

We have no crystal ball and do not expect the Covid-situation to be resolved later this year, however we do expect a less uncertainty around travel, for example, in addition to providing us with an adequate amount of time to plan for alternative strategies. As such, we have decided to postpone our Public Launch date to December 16 (Europe) and December 17 (Asia & America).