Eindhoven is located in the South East of the Netherlands and has access to its own airport. This airport services multiple European destinations. You can fly directly to Eindhoven, or to Amsterdam Schiphol. From Schiphol, there are trains to Eindhoven every 10 to 15 minutes. You can switch trains in ‘s Hertogenbosch to the so-called Sprinter train and exit at Eindhoven Strijp S.

When coming from the South or East (Venlo or Maastricht), switch trains in Eindhoven Central Station to the train to Tilburg Universiteit or to ‘s Hertogenbosch. This Sprinter train leaves every 15 minutes from either track 4 or track 6. You can plan your itinerary easily on the website of the Dutch railroads. Be careful to use Eindhoven Strijp-S as end station.

When leaving station Strijp-S from Track 1, walk towards the side with the white building. At the end, before crossing the pedestrian bridge, take the stairs to streetlevel. Go through the tunnel and follow this road (Beukenlaan) for approximately 50 meters. When leaving the station from track 2 or 3, you are already on the correct side.

Turn right onto “Achtseweg Zuid” and follow this road for 150m. Then turn left, onto the large parking lot. The big building is called TQ and has several entrances. We are located at Entrance 3, at the far end of the building, next to the 2 large exhausts of the now closed power plant.

You can ride the elevator to the 4th floor, or you can take the stairs.

Of course, you can also reach us by car. Use the address “Achtseweg Zuid 153, Eindhoven” to get to the right place. There is a large parking lot. Our parking spaces are in the second row, at the end of the parking lot.

Please make an appointment, so that we know you are coming!